Leading the Chesterfield Way

As part of our People Strategy and its key priorities, we’ve set out to improve how we support and develop leaders at all levels in the hospital, whether they’re starting out in their leadership career, or they’re a leader with many years’ experience.

‘Leading the Chesterfield Way’ is a framework for all leaders – in both clinical and non-clinical roles. Based on the NHS Healthcare Leadership Model it sets out the behaviours and characteristics that the Trust expects from its leaders, as well as those that are not desirable.

With its nine key components and principles ‘Leading the Chesterfield Way’ describes what a ‘Proud to Care’ leader looks like and why each of the factors is important. It explains how leaders can effectively demonstrate these behaviours and develop them - to improve how they lead day-to-day. As well as providing a leadership structure, the framework is also designed to support individual development through appraisal, career progression and personal development plans.

We will work together to make sure that ‘Leading the Chesterfield Way’ shapes people development, compassionate care and quality improvement for years to come. Along with our hospital’s CARE values, and ‘We Can All Lead the Chesterfield Way’ - which shares our framework more widely as something we can all adopt and role model - it is an integral part of making the hospital an even better place to work and as a result improving the high standards of care and service we give to our patients.

  • Inspire a shared sense of purpose – encouraging your team to take pride in what they do, improve the care and services they provide; and enable them to understand how they contribute to the success of the organisation
  • Lead with care - showing colleagues compassion and care by listening - and offering empathy and understanding to help create a supportive workplace
  • Evaluate and use information - be alert to what is happening around you; and evaluate the information you hear, receive or discover to take actions and decisions that improve both patient and staff experience
  • Work with others to connect services – using the opportunity to link up with different colleagues, leaders and partners, building relationships that can help everyone to deliver effective and efficient healthcare and services
  • Engage with your team - respecting every member of staff, valuing their diversity and making sure that every member of your team feels that their contribution is appreciated and valued
  • Hold yourself and others to account - be clear about what’s expected at work, giving honest feedback and acting quickly and fairly to support others who are struggling to meet expectations
  • Develop capability – take opportunities to develop your own skills, take-up training and education that will help you in your role and keep up-to-date with the essential training that applies to you
  • Influence what happens – by acting as an ambassador for the Trust, sharing good news and good practice with your team, contributing to debates, having a say and leading improvement – all ways of influencing what happens to our services in the future.

Find out more in our Leadership Framework document - Leading the Chesterfield Way